Focussed on medical devices

adjutem has extensive expertise in developing medical devices (classes I,IIa, IIb and III). When it comes to topics like material selection, product design and design transfer, we have successfully shown our engineering knowledge in a number of projects.

  • Project management with R&D focus
  • Risk management (ISO 14971)
  • Optimization of functional design, design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Functional prototyping and test method development
  • Support of biological safety testing, transport simulation, stability studies

Cataract Surgery

Single-use device for IOL implantation. Long-term support of the client throughout the complete design process.


Redesign of a single-use device for patient liquid management. Cost reduction and prototype development.


Concept development of a new sensor concept for controlling the efficacy of endoscope reprocessing (IP analysis, system design and simulations).


We close the gap between product design and mass production. 

Functional Prototyping

New technologies make it easier to step into functional testing in early development stages. adjutem is familiar with most prototyping technologies.

Test Method Development

New products require for verification purposes new test methods in some cases. For our clients we develop test methods and provide also test jigs and tools.